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Car Classes

Car classes help to distinguish a particular vehicles "PAX" value. A PAX value is a multiplier that helps to compare times from two drivers in two drastically different cars.
We will be using the SCCA Pro Solo car classes and 2021 PAX values.

Link to SCCA Pro Solo Classes & Rules

New To auto-x FAQ

What is Auto-X?

Auto-X, also known as Autocross or Solo II, is race against the clock within a unique 50 second course. One car at a time completes at an unused parking lot or go-kart track. The layout of the course is defined using traffic cones, while the goal is to finish the course quickly without disturbing the cones and amassing penalties. Auto-X is a fast pased driving challenge where most vehicles remain in 2nd gear throughout the course.

Are novices allowed?

Yes, you are encouraged to come out! Co-driving (two drivers, one car) with a friend is also encouraged to sign up so you have another individual to learn with. Experienced drivers at the event are also encouraged to help teach new drivers within the community.
To aid in safe learning, novice Auto-X drivers are not permitted to have a passenger who is not a coach during their first three events.

Do I need vehicle numbers?

No. Additional numbers are only for cosmetic purposes

Do I need a special license?

No, you only need a valid BC drivers license and safe driving habits. SGMC will request this information prior to attending an event.

What safety gear is required?

We strongly recommend purchasing safety gear before upgrading any stock car. At minimum, you are required to have a rated helmet and a safe vehicle.
Helmets must be SA2010+ or M2010+.

Can I drive with a friend?

Yes! Co-driving one car is a great way to spend the day.

What should I bring to an AutoX event?

Most important thing: DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. Remember, not only will you be driving, but you will be working out on course as well. If there is a chance of showers, bring a rain jacket and boots. If it’s supposed to be bitterly cold, bring gloves and headgear. If it’s going to be brutally hot, clothes that wont overheat you are important. It is much better to bring a few extra pieces of clothing and not need them than to either shiver or sweat all day. Besides bringing yourself and your car, there are a few other things you might find convenient to bring with you to an event.

Some basic items that are nice to have are:

-Your own helmet (if not, we have loaners available)
-Tire pressure gauge
-A hat
-A pair of gloves
-Workshop towels
-Motor oil
-Garbage bags or tarp (useful for rainy days)
-A box to put everything in

What to do when I get to the event? **Newbies please read!**

Usually the venue is open at approximately 8:00am, from then on:

-Sign the waivers at the gate upon entering and park your car in the pits
-Prep it for tech inspection: Empty trunk and remove all loose objects in cabin area, etc.
-Check-in at registration and grab a course map
-Walk the course (join our Novice Coursewalk)
-Attend the mandatory Driver’s Meeting when instructed
-For newbies: Novice Driver’s meeting where beginner AutoX Need-To-Know things are covered

Work Assignments

AutoX is a volunteer sport – You race, and then you work. After you come back from your last run, park your car and find the Chief of Workers and check-in. If you do not work an assignment, your times will not be included in the results.

What is inspected at the Tech Inspection?

The Chief of Tech will quickly check a few things, such as:

-Battery is tied down securely
-Cabin and Trunk free of loose objects
-Helmet, if you have one (Snell M2010, SA2010)

Things you should check yourself:

-Removal of driver’s carpet/mat
-All fluids are fresh and topped up, nothing leaking
-Good amount of brake pads left
-Seat belts in good working order
-Cracks in the windshield
-Wheels/Tires (grab and shake them, tighten them down with torque wrench)